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A wizard in a blue robe and hat, standing amidst a mystical forest with shimmering lights. He presents a choice between 'if-else' in one hand and 'switch(true)' in the other.

switch(true): The Stylish Way to Simplify Complex Conditionals in React

An artistically drawn hand writes 'conventional comments' on a torn piece of paper. Surrounding the main text, there are doodles of binary code, cloud symbols, and stick figures. The title, 'Crafting Quality Code with Conventional Comments', is prominently displayed at the top with a flourish.

Crafting Quality Code with Conventional Comments

A dreamy and soft palette paints a developer's desk scene. Scattered tools, a glowing computer screen, and a whimsical yak with patches of shaved fur take center stage. Above, in flowing watercolor script, the title reads 'To Yak Shave or Not'.

To Yak Shave or Not: The Art of Procrastination in Software Development

illustration of random abstract shapes

Speedier TypeScript Compilations with skipLibCheck

illustration of random abstract shapes

JavaScript Module Systems Unraveled: Which One to Use and When

illustration of random abstract shapes

Name Game: Why You Should Favor Named Exports in ES Modules